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Hire a self-contained PA system with a trailer.

Renting an outdoor PA system has never been easier.  The ready-to-go trailer provides a quick, convenient and weather-proof outdoor system from which to play music, make announcements and create a party atmosphere.

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About Us

Who We Are

We are a Cumbria-based company who have been hiring quality PA and lighting systems since 1995.
Cumbria, although very beautiful, gets more than its fair share of wet weather. We want to provide a weather-proof solution which can be simply rolled on site to take the stress out of organising an outdoor event.  We hope we can assist you in your next outdoor project.

Our Products

See What’s In Stock

At Roll-A-Disco we pride ourselves on providing a top quality product. When you hire a PA trailer from us you will get a reliable, custom-made trailer designed to withstand the rigours on the road. All our trailers have exceptionally fast set up times.

We aim to provide excellent customer service and great value. We have been hiring sound and lighting equipment for 25 years so rest assured that we have a pretty good idea what you, our customers, expect.

Please note, we provide the equipment but you will need to provide your own music.  

A dj could be provided at an extra cost.

As a general rule, if you are able to listen to your device using wired headphones then you should be able to plug it straight into the Roll-A-Disco trailer.

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Our "Mini" R-A-D.

from £200 per day

We are currently designing and building a small PA trailer as an alternative for those that don't need the power and size of the larger one and who do not need to be able to use the trailer as a shelter.

Our small "easy to tow" trailer will be tailored to your specific needs. Hire it with a single speaker and a microphone for making simple announcements or a four speaker system if you require greater coverage. 

Gelt Gladiator - Sat 8th June 2019-9795.

Want to learn more or view our full selection? Get in touch and arrange a viewing.

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Why Rent With Us?

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One phone call and you can have a quality PA system that is suitable for a wide variety of events.  Your dj or announcer will be totally sheltered from the elements and all the equipment will be safe. Everything is provided in one simple package.


You could have everything you need to get your event underway in super fast time.  Once on site the trailer is ready within minutes to rock n roll.


A large blank white wing on each side of the trailer can be branded any way you wish as long as it is returned as originally found after the event.

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Roll-A-Disco Photos - Lakesman 2019-0095

Cost Savings and Safer

Without the need to get one company to set up a shelter, another to provide the PA system and yet another to provide a generator you could save a considerable amount on labour cost. 

Our trailer is robust and more likely to survive windy conditions than a pop up gazebo. The risk of damage to the equipment inside is reduced and the operator is better protected from the elements.

We have battery powered options for small short events using our Mini R-A-D trailer or we can provide a good quality generator capable of powering everything in the trailer for 8 hours.

All prices quoted exclude VAT and delivery unless it explicitly says otherwise.

Contact Us

Carlisle, UK

07738 753838

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Fully Loaded Trailer PA

from £350 plus delivery

Our main PA trailer comes with a pair of large 18" subs, powerful 12" tops, DJ monitors & LED disco bars. There is a mixer with microphone and connectors for your music source. Just plug in your laptop or phone/tablet and you are ready to play music and make announcements.


Upgrade to a radio microphone for £20/day.

Add our 3kW generator for £40/day plus the fuel you use.

Delivery is charged at £1 per mile from Carlisle.

Add waterproof external speakers which can give 360 degree coverage and allow the show to continue even if you have to baton down the hatches 

Add DJ gear of your own or hire these from us. Contact us for prices.

Reduced rates available for longer hires.

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