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X-Border 10K

So today was the first outing for the Roll-A-Disco PA trailer. It provided the music and announcement PA for the finishing line at Gretna for the X-Border 10K run. The promoter, Mike James said it was "perfect"!

The week leading up to the event was spend preparing the trailer. There was a serious compensation issue which was remedied by inflating the ceiling. We also welded Unistrut across the ceiling to enable us to add lighting fixtures to the inside when required. Speakers, amps and a iPad controlled mixer were installed and tested with the new generator. Finally we had the Roll-A-Disco sign made for the roof.

We are still testing the water and working out which format the trailer would work the best for the majority of situations. Immediate plans for next week are to install a Die-bond ceiling and have external speaker mounts fitted to the trailer. The idea being we can then project in all directions from one position.

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